PSYCHIATRIST JODI KENDALL adores her husband, Michael. One night, they have a serious argument in which she detaches from her body—a coping technique she’s never revealed to anyone. The next day, Jodi can’t remember the details of the argument, and before they can reconcile, Michael suddenly dies.

Six months later, distraught and confused, Jodi takes an accidental overdose and has a near-death experience in which she has a brief, loving encounter with Michael. He seems so real that, after her resuscitation, she consults a near-death experience expert, Dr. Simon Bentley, who concludes that Michael exists, in the flesh, in a parallel world. Jodi, with Dr. Bentley’s help, resolves to join Michael again. Her quest becomes an obsession, and as she begins to despair, she finally discovers the path to Michael’s world. What she finds there surprises her and ultimately changes her life.

The Girl in the Mirror details a young woman’s quest for self-identity. It is a love story and an adventure story, and raises important questions about the nature of reality and a new possibility for life after death.

Book Club Readers’ GuideGITM_cover_flipped_textSMR

  1. Jodi takes an overdose early in the story. Do you think she was really trying to kill herself, or was it an accident?
  2. Jodi detaches from her body—dissociative experiences—under periods of great stress. Why do you think this happens to her? How do you think you would feel if this happened to you?
  3. What do you think of Jodi’s persistence in pursuing Michael? Is she foolish, ill, deeply in love, or what? If you lost someone you loved, would you try to visit them in a parallel world, if given the choice?
  4. Do you think Jodi and Graham will fall in love?
  5. Do you think Dr. Bentley was a bad person for selling drugs, or was it okay for him to do it to help Phillip?
  6. Do you think Jodi really visited a parallel world, or do you think it was a product of her severe depression?